ParsiLact Animal Supplement Label Design

We at Packsho Design specialize in supplement packaging design to effectively communicate product features and benefits. For this project, we designed labels and packaging for ParsiLact’s probiotic supplement for different animals.

Our label design service began by understanding the product and target audience. ParsiLact manufactures probiotic supplements for various livestock and pets to improve their immune systems and overall health. The supplements come as water soluble powders packaged in flat bottom bags or packets holding 1000g.

Animal Supplement Label Design

We created label designs for their supplements targeted at cattle, poultry, fish, camels, horses and ostriches. The front label design features a photo of the relevant animal alongside the product name in both English and Persian. The label utilizes complementary colors and minimal copy that stands out against the photo.

The back label contains important information for consumers. We designed it to be readable from right to left to accommodate Persian. It includes the list of ingredients, probiotic strains, supplement facts and dosage instructions. Research-backed benefits are highlighted to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness and value.

Our design process involved creating several label concepts and mockups showcasing different visual styles, layouts and color palettes. We presented these options to ParsiLact and refined the design based on their feedback, ultimately selecting a design that aligned with their brand identity and goals.

The final label design features a minimal yet sophisticated aesthetic that appeals to ParsiLact’s target audience of farmers, veterinarians and pet owners. The prominent product photo and use of white space make important information like supplement facts and dosage pop visually. We also ensured the design followed international supplement labeling guidelines.

Overall, our label and packaging design services helped ParsiLact effectively communicate the value of their probiotic supplements for different animals through visually appealing and information-rich labels. The design highlights product benefits like improved immunity and health in a professional, science-backed manner that builds credibility and trust.

In summary, as a supplement packaging design agency, we helped ParsiLact create labels and packaging that tell the product story, differentiate their veterinary  supplements in an increasingly competitive market and maximize sales. A well-designed label that matches a high-quality product can be the difference between success and failure – and that’s where we come in.

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