At Packsho Graphics, we have designed packaging for clients across multiple industries. Each industry has unique packaging needs that require specialized knowledge and experience.

We understand the Food and Beverage industry inside and out. We have designed custom boxes and packaging for everything from snack foods and candy to bottled beverages and frozen meals. Our designs help protect products while meeting branding, regulatory, and shelf-life requirements.

The Cosmetics and Personal Care industry presents unique challenges due to the fragility of products and strict branding demands. We have designed custom boxes, bags, and trays for cosmetics, hair care products, and skin care lines. Our designs help products stand out on the shelf while protecting them from damage.

We have deep experience designing packaging for Electronics and Electrical products. We create custom boxes, trays, and inserts that securely hold and transport even the most delicate devices. Our designs help protect products from shocks and vibrations while meeting companies’ branding visions.

The Pharmaceutical industry requires FDA-compliant packaging that is sterile, tamper-evident, and helps extend product shelf life. We have designed custom boxes, inserts, and leaflet systems for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to meet their strict quality and regulatory standards.

No matter the industry, we apply our expertise, creativity, and passion for design to create custom packaging solutions that protect and promote your products while reflecting your brand’s vision. Let us know how we can help elevate your packaging and take it to the next level.

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Beauty &

Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging Design

We provide specialized Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging Design solutions that balance aesthetics and functionality. Our designs enhance brand image and ensure product safety and consumer-friendliness.
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Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins & Supplements Packaging Design Services

The graphic design of vitamins and supplements packaging plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of consumers and conveying the brand's message.
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Medicine & Medical Products Packaging Design Services

When it comes to healthcare products, packaging design plays a crucial role in building trust with customers.
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Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages Packaging Design Services

Packaging design for food and beverages aims to attract customers, maintain freshness and safety, and comply with regulations. Designs consider branding, appeal, and the ability to protect contents and inform consumers.
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Fertilizer & Agricultural Products Packaging Design

Durable, informative, and environmentally friendly packaging is essential for fertilizer and agricultural products. The packaging must protect the product during shipping & handling, provide clear instructions for use & be made from sustainable materials that can be recycled or composted.
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Kitchenware Packaging

Kitchenware Packaging Design Services

Kitchenware packaging design services help to create attractive, functional, and informative packaging for kitchenware products. We help to improve the branding of your products, increase their shelf appeal, and protect them during shipping.
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Electrical & Electronics Packaging Design

Packaging protects components from physical damage during shipping and storage. It shields sensitive components from dust, moisture and other environmental factors that could cause malfunctions.
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Home Appliances Packaging

Home Appliances Packaging Design Services

We create home appliances packaging that is functional, informative, and visually appealing. Our packaging protects appliances during shipping and handling, and it is easy to open and close.
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Toy Packaging Design Services

Toy Packaging Design Services offers custom packaging & graphic design for toy companies. We create visually appealing designs that align with clients' branding and work closely with clients to stand out in the competitive toy market.
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