Acetaminophen 1g Ampule Box Packaging Design

We provided graphic design and packaging design services for the Acetaminophen 1g ampule box. Our focus was creating a structural and visually appealing custom tuck-end box for the concentrated solution ampules meant for intravenous infusion.

The design needed to effectively communicate important product information while conforming to pharmaceutical packaging regulations. We created a bilingual design in English and Persian, ensuring the layout and type treatment was readable from right to left.

The custom box features a minimal yet functional structural design to securely hold the three glass ampules in place. Acetaminophen 1g is printed prominently on the top panel along with the manufacturer’s logo and other required details. Safety warnings and usage instructions are clearly printed on side panels in both languages.

Ampule Box Packaging Design

The color scheme utilizes blue and white to communicate a sterile and medical theme. Icons are used to supplement the text instructions and warnings. The design utilizes ample negative space to avoid visual clutter that could distract healthcare professionals.

Overall, we aimed to create a packaging design that would protect the ampules, clearly communicate product details, and conform to regulations while also reflecting the quality and reliability of the manufacturer. Our medicine packaging design services ensured all structural, graphic, and regulatory requirements were met to provide effective and compliant pharmaceutical packaging for the Acetaminophen 1g concentrated solution ampules.

In summary, our focus on Acetaminophen Packaging Design, medicine packaging design, and RTL design helped us provide a custom box that effectively communicates important product information for intravenous infusion of the concentrated solution ampules.

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